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Leading Golf Clubs of Germany

The 35 members of the quality and value community of The Leading Golf Clubs of Germany offer golf culture at the highest level and high quality service. Challenging designs and perfect greens are no longer the unique feature of golf clubs that they were in our part of the world. Accordingly, the attention to detail is very important. The term “feel-good quality” in all areas of a golf course is becoming increasingly important. This term must be understood, lived and breathed by everyone involved.

The Leading Golf Clubs of Germany accept this challenge, for the benefit of its members and guests. As outstanding golf courses, they recognise the value that lies in being audited anonymously by independent examiners in order to ensure perfect all-round quality; and that seven times each season.

Leading Golf

The central element of the Leading Golf Clubs of Germany is the quality control of the member clubs by means of the Mystery Test Process. This test process was developed by an international, totally independent market research institute and is reviewed and adapted year-by-year to the changes in the golf market – and that from 2001 onwards. Since this time, the quality and value community has been awarding this distinction to outstanding golf courses.

Leading Golf Clubs also promotes the preservation of golf culture.

Leading Golf means:

  • golf culture at the highest level
  • striving for perfection
  • feel good as a philosophy
  • controlled quality
  • courtesy
  • correct procedures
  • sportsmanship


A game of perfection such as golf demands perfect conditions – so that players, guests as well as employees feel completely at ease.

More and more golf courses understand the value of an all-round quality which has been tested and confirmed by unbiased market researchers. It is an increasingly widespread conviction that the playing surface alone, pristine greens and hazards are no longer sufficient to be able to offer players, who are influenced more and more internationally in their demands, the full enjoyment of a day’s golf.

In addition to golfing well-being, friendliness, high-quality service, an excellent catering and much more besides is of importance.

Spirit of the Game

Golf is a game that needs a structure. It is a game that is played by the rules. It is a game that requires one thing above all: honesty.

Golf is predominantly played without the presence of an umpire or impartial observer. The game relies upon the honest efforts of each and every player to be considerate to other players and to play by the rules.

Every player should behave in a disciplined fashion and show courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, regardless of how ambitious he or she may be. This is the “Spirit of the Game” – the true spirit of golf.

Spirit of the Game means ...

  • honesty
  • etiquette
  • dress code
  • courtesy
  • correct procedures
  • sportsmanship


Membership in The Leading Golf Clubs of Germany …

… improves

  • your golf course’s image
  • your position as a leading golf course

… increases

  • your attractiveness for new members
  • your members’ community spirit
  • the incentive for companies’ and sponsors’ tournaments
  • the amount of greenfee guests and groups

… strengthens

  • the profitability of your golf course
  • regional tourist activities
  • employees’ motivation

… facilitates

  • the recruitment of new employees
  • the acquisition of new sponsors
  • the acquisition of new members

… supports

  • the quality assurance of members, employees and management
  • new investment
  • the answering of criticism from external sources

… provides

  • external quality control
  • an exchange of ideas among like-minded people
  • access to special greenfee agreements


  • Karl-Friedrich Löschhorn (Präsident)
    Golfclub München Eichenried
  • Udo A. Böttcher
    Hamburger Land- und Golf-Club Hittfeld








  • Horst Schubert
    Golf und Country Club Seddiner See
  • Bernhard May
    Golf Club Würzburg


  • Andreas Dorsch
    Management Director
  • Robert M. Frank
    Public Relations
  • Michael Sälzler
    Management Assistant

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