Membership/Test Process

Leading Golf Clubs of Germany

Mystery Test Process

The testing process helps the Leading Golf Clubs of Germany to create a strengths/weaknesses analysis in the course of a complete season. Opportunities for improvement can be recognised and, if applicable, implemented.

The basis for the test procedure is the questionnaire, which by now comprises more than 160 questions. Every club tested receives detailed individualised evaluations within 48 hours of the test.

Test contents

The core of the Mystery Test Process is the questionnaire, comprising more than 160 detailed questions, by means of which the quality of the golf course is examined and evaluated.

The questionnaire is divided into 17 quality sections. Criteria to be tested are, among others, environment, fairways, greens, bunkers, tee-boxes, practice areas, course equipment, administration office, changing facilities, pro-shop, catering, services, additional offers, public appearance etc.

Taking part in the test procedure

Golf clubs which are not members of The Leading Golf Clubs of Germany e.V. can also take part in the Mystery Test Process within the framework of a probationary year.

Once a written application from the golf club has been submitted, the club takes part in the Mystery Test Process. The golf clubs will be tested anonymously seven times per year using the same criteria as all member clubs.

If, after the probationary year, a club achieves a result which is better or equal to the average of all member clubs, it can apply for membership to The Leading Golf Clubs of Germany e.V.

If interested, please contact us at Contact.

Acceptance criteria

The acceptance criteria consist of both hard and soft facts. Once the membership application has been submitted, the management decides on the so-called ‘soft acceptance criteria’.

„Hard Facts“ mean that the applying club’s final result of the Mystery Test Process must be above the average of all member clubs.

„Soft Facts“
, on the other hand, mean information on membership structure, regional importance, appeal, image and tradition, overall financial situation, sportiness and youth work.

Test institute CMC

Change Management Consulting (CMC) is a non-profit research, training and advisory association focused on change management in companies.

The emphasis of its activities in the research sector lies in the conduct of so-called mystery tests, which CMC has been conducting for over 15 years for renowned clients in Europe. The focus of the mystery tests is in organisational and human resources development.

By means of prompt and targeted demonstration of strengths and weaknesses, the client has the opportunity to react with optimising measures to any market weaknesses that have been recognised.

The forefront of CMC’s training and advisory sectors is the pragmatic support during the implementation of changes on all levels.

CMC is responsible for the organisation, implementation and evaluation of the Leading Mystery Tests, both for The Leading Golf Clubs of Germany and for The Leading Golf Courses of Switzerland.

Further information of the CMC portfolio can be found of the home page:


The responsible market research institute selects 500 test persons annually from a pool of just under 2,000 golfers.

The examiners are briefed in advance, regularly trained, intensively prepared for their tasks and evaluated according to their specific characteristics.

When selecting the examiners, attention is paid to an equal distribution according to gender, age and handicap as well as personal characteristics such as experience and reliability.

If you enjoy playing golf, have a handicap of -18,4 or better, have time to spare, are au fait with the internet, 70 years old or under, are conscious of the responsibility of an examiner and are interested in becoming a Leading examiner, please send us an e-mail to info (at)

We need …
… your name, the name of your club, handicap, age, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

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